Sunday, May 15, 2011


Meh, I think I'll start doing a weekly thing, once a week I'll review a random game I've got laying around or on my steam account.

This week I'll be reviewing the game Global Agenda.

Before I actually review the game, I'll familiarize you with its backstory/elements.

Global agenda is a (now free-to-play) MMO/Third Person Shooter that takes place in a desolate future controlled by a tyrannical government called the Commonwealth that rose up in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war. But a group unsatisfied with their ways broke off and started to rebel. This group was called A.R.M., and they started doing raids on the Commonwealth facilities, and since no one liked the bastards, they had to employ machines to stop these raids. But, the machines weren't enough, so they had to take it a step up and create genetically altered super humans, called Agents, who were brainwashed right after their inception. Many, though, are liberated by A.R.M. to fight for their own freedom through their own free will. You are one of these agents. Shortly before your brainwashing begins, a team of A.R.M. agents comes and liberates you from your tank, before dying and killing all the security with them, and this sets up the tutorial for you.

Before the tutorial mission, you were supposed to select you class through the character creation screen, I'll quickly go over them. There are 4 classes in the game, each with 3 skill trees, allowing them to be specced in a multitude of ways, all classes however, share one tree, the "Balanced tree" which is generic buffs that any class would like. The Assault can be built like a tank or an explosives expert, the Recon can be built like a sniper or a melee assassin, the Medic like a AoE poison master or your average healer, and the Robotics like a deployables or drones expert.

After the tutorial mission, you will be plopped down in the Dome City, the only hub in the game. From here you will buy, sell, trade etc. and can queue up for one of the many different game modes.

The gameplay itself in Global Agenda is as plain as it can be, with your average point at things and shoot them, but a multitude of things come about to change around this tried and true formula. First off, Jetpacks. Each class has access to a jetpack, but while using it, you are unable to fire your weapon, until you reach level 30 and buy a special one that is. It draws from your power pool, which is the same thing your weapons draw from. Each class has a variety of weapons that can affect how play. The assault can rev up his minigun and
blast away, or he can pull out one of his many rocket launchers and cause so serious long range hurt. The Recon can snipe from far away, or get up close and personal with their melee weapon, which every class has access to at least 2, speaking of. The Medic can heal up with their specialty weapon, or blast away with crippling poisons through the Agonizer, and the Robotics can use weapons varying from a shotgun, to turrets, to a magnetic ball that flings people about.

The variety in the game adds alot of the fun, and keeps the game from getting boring too fast, but this can happen, as their are very very few quests in the game. Only enough to get you to about level 18, then they leave you to the mercy of PvP, or Special Operations PvE missions. The PvE missions are like your average WoW dungeon, with one of each class performing a different role. At the end of the endless corridors of laser wielding androids and rocket launching sentinels, you will fight a boss, and believe me, this boss will test your team while testing your stress. The bosses in this game are hard for a uncoordinated team, and if any of the people don't do their job right, you will fail the mission. There's also a reward for having the total death count on your team for being under 4, so people will get upset if you die a lot. This is usually the basis for all the PvE missions, and since they don't ever really derive from this, the PvE in the game tends to get a tad boring after a while, many players doing it only to get their hands on crafting materials.

The crafting in this game is pretty simple, buy a blueprint, make a mod, skill up. Green mods can be made by anyone, but blue and purple mods, however, take skills of 100 and 200 respectively. There are also separate crafting categories for weapon mods, armor mods, consumables, special items and strikeforce.

Strikeforce is another name for a group which will enact a raid. On other players. And their facilities. This is known as Agency vs Agency. Like Guild vs Guild. How it works is, you agency owns a hex if they can afford one, and on this hex they can put facilities, these facilities can generate anything, from strikeforce crafting material, to extra hex defense. The AvA in this game has a good concept, but it falls flat, becoming a coordinated PvP with some super machines thrown in. This is due to the games engine limitations, only allowing skirmishes of 10v10 at a time. Multiple instances are created for every person above 10v10, and if any one of these instances fails/wins, the same happens in all the others, resulting in a loss that was not your fault at all.

This brings me to another point. PvP. The PvP is the main point of GA, and it's plainly visible that it is. Much care goes into the maps and game modes, which there are quite a bit of. These consist of objectives from capture their robot and bring it to your base, to capture these control points and hold them, to move the payload and so on. This mode is the most fun, and always offers a different experience depending on what class you play.

Overall this game is flawed in some aspects, but at the very least you will get some hours of entertainment from it.

Best part?

It's free.



  1. nice blog keep it up!

  2. I was on board with Guild Wars back in it's early days of having a pvp based mmo. Then came Fury, and as entertainig a that was, we lost that just slightly after launch, I don't think this game is going to make it even as a free mmo. This just seems like one of the many clones out there, and I like to encourage small developers but there isn't any unique gameplay elements introduced.

  3. Nice blog, I might check it out later.

  4. its free? already downloaded. and i need some hours of entertainment thats right man

  5. Good review, thanks!
    Love the cats btw :P

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  7. wow a 3.75 for a free game aint bad. might end up checking this out after all

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  12. Thanks to you I dont have to review this game and also Great Review!

  13. Hm... Free games are good. :D

  14. wow this review is great!
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  15. Sounds cool, but man free to play is starting to become a disturbing trend....

  16. w8 so now its free?
    I signed up for its beta testing years ago..

    nice, i look forward to playing this

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  17. I'll give it a try. I wonder how they pay to keep the servers up if there aren't any charges. Is there in game advertising?